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The Best Way To Mine Bitcoin at Home with low end PC


bitcoin mining at home

Bitcoin Mining at Home

The price of Bitcoin is again on a rise. Bitcoin took the world by storm when it appeared in the market. Bitcoin has seen various ups and downs during its life cycle. But, now it is slowly proving that it’s here to stay. Many countries are now officially recognizing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Cardano as a form of payment. Visa has also started supporting ATM cards issued for Bitcoins. Bitcoin also paved the way for other cryptocurrencies to appear on the horizon. 

Bitcoin mining has always been profitable.  In this post, we are going to discuss the best way to mine Bitcoin at home on a low-end PC. This method is going to provide you with insights into the methodology behind mining Bitcoin. So, that you get a taste of what it takes to dive into the Bitcoin Mining Business and if you like the Bitcoin mining business, you can scale it afterwards.

In this method, Bitcoin can be mined on any PC and GPU easily at Home.

For the tutorial, we will be using a simple Bitcoin mining software called “kryptex” which is a very easy to use mining software and anyone can use it to Mine Bitcoin At Home. You can use this mining software to get the idea of Bitcoin mining before you spend money on expensive Machine and Crypto mining riggers.

Is Kryptex a legitimate Mining App?

Kryptex is a legitimate Mining app. Kryptex provides you with an opportunity to join a mining pool where thousands of miners join together to try and mine Bitcoins which increase the probability to earn more Bitcoin rewards. Moreover, Kryptex also simplifies the way to join the Bitcoin Mining business without the requirement of heavy investments.

Advantages of Krptex Bitcoin Mining Software

The advantages of using “Krptex” to mine Bitcoins are as follows:-

  • The Bitcoin mining software is very easy to use and can be installed on any computer. The actual earning will depend on the machine hardware.
  • The software can be used from anywhere including the US, UK, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Arab countries.
  • The software easily enables you to transfer your Bitcoin rewards to your Bitcoin Wallet
  • The Bitcoin mining software can be run on multiple computers simultaneously. You just log in with your ID and all your Bitcoin earnings will be automatically saved in your account.

If you are still with me Let Start our Bitcoin Mining tutorial.

Step-1 Create an account on Kryptex

  • Visit the official website of Kryptex.
  • Create a new account on the website which is very easy as it asks only for an email address and password.
kryptex bitcoin mining
kryptex mining account

 Step-2 Download Kryptex Bitcoin Mining App

  • Download and Install Kryptex from the official website. The installation procedure of the mining app is very straightforward. 
  • After the installation is complete, Login into the application with the email address that you used to create the account in step 1.
kryptex mining setup

Step-3 Mining Modes – Bitcoin Mining on low end PC

  • Now the software will ask you to select your Mining mode. The software allows two different modes for Bitcoin Mining. Lite and full mode. In lite mode, only limited computer resources are used and you can go on with your normal computer use. You can also select pro mode where you can tweak mining settings and utilize a maximum of computer resources to mine Bitcoins.
bitcoin mining on low end PC

Step-4 Track Bitcoin Mining Progress 

  •  Once you have started the mining, You can track your Bitcoin earnings on the official website.
track bitcoin mining progress

Step-5 Transfer your Bitcoin Earnings into your wallet

  • Once you have earned enough Bitcoins, you can transfer them to your crypto wallet which you can create at any reputable crypto exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

To learn more about Binance Wallet and trading Crypto currencies, Check following post:-Easiest Way to purchase Cryptocurrency| How to buy bitcoin, dodge coin and other Crypto Currencies without Credit cards in Pakistan and India

Bonus Tips

  • You can install the software on multiple computers and log in with a single account. In this manner, all your earned Bitcoins will be accumulated in a single account.
  • Keep track of your CPU and GPU temperatures. Mining can generate a lot of heat. You can use software like GPUz or MSI afterburner to monitor the GPU temperature. Make Sure that your GPU temperature remains below 75 degrees at all times.

Bitcoins Earning Potential

  • As per the official Website, the actual earning depends on your luck and computing power. If you have a good GPU and PC, you are expected to earn more. As per official stats following is the potential of earning from Bitcoin Miner:-
bitcoin earning progress

Disadvantages of Kryptex

  • You can only mine Bitcoin with this method. If you are targeting any other cryptocurrency, you are out of luck. However, you can check our tutorial on Ergo Mining and Dogecoin Mining if you are interested in other cryptocurrencies.
  • The transfer fee for your earnings to Bitcoin wallets is quite high. So, you are good with transferring amounts in big chunks to avoid large fees.


How can you mine Bitcoins at home?

You can join a Bitcoin Mining pool called Kryptex and download their Bitcoin miner from the official website to start mining Bitcoins at home.

Can I mine Bitcoins on a Low-end PC?

Kryptex allows to mine Bitcoin at low-end PCs. It provides you with two modes lite and full. In lite mode, it utilizes only the free resources available and so you can still use your PC while mining Bitcoins.

Can I use my PC while mining Bitcoin?

Yes, Kryptex allows you to mine Bitcoin in its lite mode where it only uses the free resources available on PC.

How to mine Bitcoins in Pakistan?

You can download Bitcoin Mining software like Kryptex and start mining Bitcoins in Pakistan.

The Post is only the views of the author and should not be taken as legal or financial advice.

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