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Try Hack Me (THM) Simple CTF Writeup

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Simple CTF Writeup

Simple CTF is a beginner-friendly CTF room from Try Hack Me. It walks you through all steps of pentesting with manual exploitation to privilege escalation. This Simple CTF writeup with walk you through all steps of pawning this room in simple steps. The room is focused on the manual exploitation of simple CMS and then exploiting vim to escalate privileges.

Simple CTF writeup

1. Scanning the target machine

Start Your target machine and then start your Nmap scan with the following command.

sudo nmap -sS -T5 -sV -O IPADDRESS

We get the three ports open on the machine. FTP-21, HTTP-80 and SSH-2222.

simple ctf thm scanning

How many services are running under port 1000?
Answer: 2
What is running on the higher port?

Now let’s run the Nmap vulnerability script on the target.

sudo nmap -sS -T5 -sV -O --script vuln IPADDRESS

We get a few vulnerabilities listed that are mostly based on an old version of the apache server running on the machine.

2. Subdomain Enumeration

Visiting the website, we get the default apache page and the robots.txt file also do not have much information.

simple ctf robots file thm

Now let us try to enumerate the subdomains with FFUF

ffuf -u -w /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/Web-Content/directory-list-2.3-medium.txt

We get a directory/ page with the name of simple.

simple ctf thm

3. Vulnerability Research

Visiting the page, we get simple cms 2.2.8 on the page.

simple cms 2.2.8

If we use searchsploit to search for its vulnerabilities we get a lot of vulnerabilities listed.

searchsploit cms made simple

Out of these vulnerabilities the SQL injection vulnerability is a perfect fit for the case.

exploit cms made simple

4. Exploitation

if we mirror the script we get the CVE number.

searchsploit -m

What’s the CVE you’re using against the application?
Ans: CVE-2019-9053
To what kind of vulnerability is the application vulnerable?

However, this code is in python2 let’s find the exploit on GitHub and we get the exploit on GitHub.

CVE-2019-9053 exploit

Copy the exploit to your kali machine and then run the script.

python --url --crack -w /usr/share/wordlists/john.lst
exploit cms made simple

After a few minutes, we will get the username and password.

CVE-2019-9053 cracked password

What’s the password?
Ans: secret
Where can you login with the details obtained?
Is there any other user in the home directory? What’s its name?

Now SSH to the target machine with the given credentials on port 2222

ssh mitch@IPADD -p secret

user flag is available in the directory. Just cat it out.

cat user.txt
user flag simple CTF

5. Privilege Escalation simple CTF THM

Now check the Sudo privileges of the user with the following command.

sudo -l

We will see that the user can run VIM with Sudo privileges.

Privilege Escalation simple CTF THM

What can you leverage to spawn a privileged shell?
Ans: vim

Now lets check the GTFOBINs on how we can escalate the privileges. We can see that running the following simple command, we can become root.

vim -c ':!/bin/sh'

Now run the command and become root. The root flag is located in /root

priv escalation through vim

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