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How to mine Dogecoin | Dogecoin Mining on PC

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mine dogecoin on pc

How to mine Dogecoin

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, or Ergo which appeared in the market in 2013. Dogecoin was initially made as a joke for crypto fans. In spite of this surprising history, it has detonated in notoriety in 2021. As of composing, Dogecoin has become the fifth-biggest digital money by market cap.

Dogecoin has been kept in the news with major celebrities sharing and tweeting it which gave it an instant boost.
In this post, we are going to see how we can start mining dogecoin easily on our existing PC.
These low-end PCs (compared to mining rigs) can add extra income if any of your old PC or gaming machine is laying around, Idle.

Road Map- How to start mining DogeCoin

The procedure for Cryptocurrency mining for all crypto coins is nearly identical. But we need to follow some specific steps to mine our specific cryptocurrency which is dogecoin in this case so that we may get optimal results and can get the maximum benefit from our mining setup. We follow the following steps to mine DogeCoins:-

  • Get a DogeCoin Wallet
  • Download Dogecoin miner
  • Configure Dogecoin Miner
  • Start Mining Dogecoin

Dogecoin Mining

Step-1 Get a DogeCoin Wallet

There are two methods to get a Dogecoin wallet which are as follows:-

Binance  DogeCoin Wallet

Binance is a crypto exchange that is graded among the top crypto exchanges. Binance offers a free dogecoin wallet, which you can use for getting a payout from a Dogecoin miner.

In Binance, go to your wallets and select “Fiat and Spot”. Now search for Dogecoin in the search bar.  You will see an option to deposit DogeCoins. Click the deposit button. Select the Network as Doge and then you can see your Dogecoin wallet address which can be used in Dogecoin Miner.

dogecoin wallet
get a dogecoin wallet
dogecoin wallet address

Official DogeCoin Wallet

If you don’t have an account on Binance or don’t want to store your Dogecoins on an exchange wallet, you can utilize the wallet from the official Dogecoin website. To get a Dogecoin wallet, follow following steps:-

  • Visit the official website- Dogecoin. Download the wallet as indicated in the picture below.
  • Install the software and run it. It may ask for firewall access. Grant the access.
  • Now explore the Dogecoin wallet.
  • You can get the address of your Dogecoin wallet by clicking the “Much Receive” button. Click the “Receive Payment” button to see your Dogecoin wallet address.
get official dogecoin wallet
dogecoin official

Step-2 Download DogeCoin Mining Software

We are going to use a miner called “Unmineable” to mine DogeCoins.

  • Download unmineable mining software from their official website.
  • Click the download page for downloading the crypto miner.
download dogecoin miner software

Step-3 Configure the Dogecoin Mining Software

  • Install the Crypto Miner on your PC.
  • You may need to turn off the antivirus as nearly all mining softwares are detected as viruses. To avoid any issues, turn off the antivirus.
  • You need to select if you want to use your CPU or GPU for mining Dogecoins.
configure dogecoin miner

Now we need to complete the following three steps carefully to complete the configuration of our Dogecoin Miner.

  • First, select the currency you want to mine. In this case dogecoin.
  • Second(optional) click “I have a referral code”. You can enter k77n-ey47 as a referral code to lower your fees to 0.75% (as per the official website) and to support me. If you don’t want to enter a referral code, it’s fine, it will have no effect on mining.
dogecoin miner download
  • In the 3rd step, you have to enter your wallet address where you want to receive your mining earnings.
  • Here you have two options. You can go with an online Dogecoin wallet like Binance or you can go with the official Dogecoin wallet which we created in step-1 above. 

Step-4 Start Mining Dogecoin 

Once you have copied the wallet address to mining software. You have completed all DogeCoin miner configurations. Click start to begin mining. Your miner will start and you can earn now earn DogeCoins as a reward.

start mining dogecoin

Once you have enough Dogecoins, you can transfer them to your online wallet like Binance for trading. Binance can be used to trade crypto in your local currency and you can convert Dogecoins to rupees from there.


Dogecoin started as a joke but has enjoyed popularity due to the interest of many celebrities in the coin. Ethereum has enjoyed the mining crown for years but now Cardano miningErgo mining and Dogecoin mining is also becoming popular nowadays.


Is DogeCoin a Joke?

Dogecoin was created as a joke but is a legitimate cryptocurrency and is among the top 5 most traded cryptocurrencies.

How to get A DogeCoin wallet?

You can get a DoeCoin wallet from a crypto exchange like Binance. You can also download an offline Dogecoin wallet from the official website of DogeCoin.

How to get an official DogeCoin wallet?

You can download the wallet from the official website of Dogecoin.

What is the best DogeCoin Mining software?

unMineable provides good mining software which can be used to mine Dogecoins.

The Post is only the views of the author and should not be taken as legal or financial advice.

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