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Crypto Affiliate Programs | Best Way to earn Bitcoin without Investment

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best crypto affiliate programs

Best Way to earn Bitcoin without Investment

In this post, we are going to discuss how to make money in crypto without any investment. Instead of buying cryptocurrencies like bitcoins or Ethereum, we are going to join crypto exchanges affiliate programs to earn money online. We are going to discuss the best crypto affiliate programs for beginners and their comparisons.

The best way to earn money with crypto without investment is with crypto affiliate programs. Most of these crypto affiliate programs pay the earnings in bitcoins. So, we are not only creating an alternate money-making stream, we are creating a passive income stream in cryptocurrencies that can help us to earn bitcoins without any investment.

If you have a good PC lying around you can also start mining. If you are more interested in mining Bitcoins you can check our beginners guide to mine bitcoins.

In the article, we are also going to discuss how we can expand our crypto affiliate business to make it a sustainable and money-boosting passive income source.

RoadMap – How to Make Money on cryptocurrency without any Investment

We will cover the complete crypto money making tutorial in the following three steps:-

  • Selecting the best cryptocurrency affiliate program
  • Promoting the affiliate link
  • Turning Affiliate marketing into a permanent passive income stream
best crypto affiliate programs

Earn Money with Crypto Affiliate Programs

Step-1 Selecting the best cryptocurrency affiliate program

The success of affiliate marketing depends upon the right selection of products. There are a number of crypto exchanges working online. Most of them offer affiliate programs. Now the best thing about the crypto affiliate programs is that they are already well-known exchanges and most people have already heard about them. So, all you have to do is to select the affiliate program that best suits you and start promoting. I have compiled a list of the best crypto affiliate programs that can get you started instantly.

Best Crypto affiliate programs

The best crypto affiliate programs have been selected based on the following criterion

  • Ease of sign up
  • Authority of the crypto exchange. More the authority, the more it is easy to promote.
  • Commission Rate.

Now let’s see our top crypto affiliate programs.


Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchanges. It allows you to buy and sell both the big and the smaller altcoins on their platform So, whether you’re investing long term in bitcoin or Ethereum or just trying to get on the train of dogecoin, everything is offered by Coinbase.

Coinbase has an excellent affiliate program platform that is hosted on Impact. Coinbase offers the following commissions

  • Sign Up Bonus   –  $10 for both invitee and client on the spending of $100
  • Commission       –  50% of trading fees for the first 3 months
coinbase affiliate program

So, if you happened to get a good investor to sign up with your link. You get 50% of the trading fees that can accumulate to a lot. Moreover, you have a free $10 offer for your clients to promote as anyone that joins the platform gets $10 as well on spending $100 which marked marketing your link easier. We are going to discuss our marketing strategy in step 2 in detail.


BitBns is India’s top crypto exchange and is rapidly gaining attention worldwide. BitBns also offers an excellent affiliate program. The affiliate earnings are directly credited to your crypto wallets. BitBns Affiliate program offers the following commissions:-

  • Sign Up Bonus   –  ₹100 worth BTC on sign up to each client
  • Commission       –  50% of trading fees 


Paxful is also one of the largest crypto exchanges and excels in P2P crypto trading. The best advantage of using Paxful is that it offers multiple payment methods and helps to buy bitcoin in local currency.

Paxful has an excellent recurring referral program. You not only earn money for your referral, but you also get the bonus if someone who you have referred gets a further referral creating a chain of commissions. Paxful has a minimum payout of $10.

  • People Invited by you buy Bitcoins                   –  50% of escrow fee
  • People invited by your friends buy Bitcoin      –  10% of escrow fee


Changelly is a crypto exchange based in Europe that provides one-click services for buying more than 130 cryptocurrencies.

Changelly offers 60% of its fee to affiliate that is on a higher side than most exchanges offer.  

  • Commission       –  60% of trading fees 


Kraken is also a top-level crypto exchange. Its affiliate program is also hosted at impact. There are some limitations of joining its affiliate program which is as follows:-

  • You must have a following of 5000 subscribers.
  • Gambling websites or personal social media accounts are not supported.
  • The website must be related to crypto or finance.

Kraken offers lifetime commission for any client you refer, so affiliate earnings create a constant passive income source for every referral.

  • Commission       –  20% of trading fees (lifetime)

Now we have seen how we can join the best crypto affiliate programs to earn free bitcoins, now we will see how we can promote our affiliate link.

best crypto affiliate programs

Step-2 How to Promote Affiliate link

There are multiple ways to promote affiliate links. But for crypto affiliate link promotion, we are going to the basics of marketing. We will adopt the following strategy to promote the link.

  • We will create a landing page with a free gift and a chance to win $10 (Coinbase free bitcoins offer).
  • We will build an email list.
  • We will promote our landing page/ sales funnel and once someone signs up, we will offer the free gift
  • We will build an email list in the process.

Create a landing page and a sales funnel

The first step is to build an affiliate funnel. Now there are multiple online services that facilitate creating a sales funnel.

  • . Click funnels is the most reputable service for building landing pages and sales funnel but costs a lot.
  • Groove Funnels. I personally use Groovefunnels. As it integrated many of the features of email marketing and sales funnel in a single service. Moreover, it has a free plan as well which can be utilized to get hands-on experience before investing much money.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how a sales funnel works?

Creating a sales funnel is a two-part process:-

  • First, there’s a landing page where you invite someone to give you their email address in exchange for a free gift. This page is designed to collect email addresses and build an email list. The gift could be a pdf guide or a video training on the best coins to buy right now. You can get free stuff to promote right from the affiliate website. It could even be a simple tutorial on how to buy and sell crypto coins because for many people that’s still a huge mystery. The best method would be to offer a free ebook. Most people use PLR ebooks for sales funnels.
crypto leads

The second part is to build a tank you page which gives them the free gift and also includes a place to put your affiliate link so that when somebody clicks that button and makes a purchase you get a commission right away.

crypto affiliate links

Step-3 Convert Affiliate Marketing into a Passive Income stream

Now, if we have done the marketing right and we have been successful in getting some audience for our affiliate links, Just think about what you can do with an email list full of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies right now. Now you have a full list of people who are interested in crypto that can be targeted for other affiliate offers.

This online business idea is not only applicable for crypto affiliate marketing or earning bitcoins but is also a solid formula for success in affiliate marketing in any niche.

To convert our affiliate business into a permanent income stream, we have now adopted two strategies

Number 1- Recurring commission affiliate products

We have selected the crypto affiliate products that offer recurring commissions. i.e we earn money on every trade our affiliate client performs. Some of the crypto affiliates offer to provide you the opportunity to earn for a lifetime. If you are interested in other recurring commission products in other niches, you can check our post about the best recurring affiliate programs.

Number 2- Create an email list

By creating an email list, we are not creating an opportunity in Affiliate marketing to make multiple commissions which is the key to a successful business online. You can use the email list for marketing multiple affiliate products. Now the top email marketing tools being used by professionals are as follows:

If you are not already on any email service and are a beginner in email marketing, I would advise you to use grooveFunnels which is a beginner-friendly email marketing service, and also have a free plan which enables you to test their service before paying any large fees.


Creating a successful affiliate income source requires selecting the product and then marketing it in a way to retain the customer. The whole methodology of affiliate business we discussed focused on offering a customer free stuff and then building an email list to target them for more affiliate products. If you have any questions, do comment.

Happy Earnings.


Can You earn bitcoins without investment?

Yes, you can earn bitcoins without any investment by becoming an affiliate with any reputable crypto exchange. In this manner, you don’t have to invest your own money in crypto.

How to make money in Crypto without any investment?

You can join affiliate programs for crypto exchanges and start promoting them. In this manner, you can make money in crypto without using your own money.

How to make money with crypto?

There are mainly three methods to make money in the crypto industry.  You can invest in crypto and hope it keeps its upward trend. You can start mining cryptocurrencies. The third method is to become an affiliate of crypto exchanges and start promoting crypto exchanges.

How to make money and earn bitcoins in coinbase?

Coinbase has an excellent affiliate program. You get 40% of all trade commissions for every affiliate you refer.

The Post is only the views of the author and should not be taken as legal or financial advice.


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